Self-Guided motorcycle tours

  • 13 Days
  • 2.700 km. / 1,700 mi.
  • Over 98% on paved roads
  • From US$ 2,765.00 per rider
  • Peru:
    City of Arequipa, Coastal desert, Nasca Lines, High Andes, Cusco, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, Condors in the Colca Canyon
  • 15 Days
  • 2.750 km. / 1,700 mi.
  • Over 95% on paved roads
  • From US$ 3,290.00 per rider
  • Peru:
    Trujillo, Coastal Desert, Cañon del Pato, Huascarán, Tarma, High Andes, Sacred Valley of the Incas, Machu Picchu, Cusco, Colca Canyon, Arequipa
  • 17 Days
  • 3.200 km. / 2,000 mi.
  • Over 98% on paved roads
  • From US$ 3,755.00 per rider
  • Peru:
    City of Arequipa, Coastal Desert, Nasca lines, Huacachina, Islas Ballestas, High Andes, Cusco, Sacred Valley of the Incas, Machu Picchu, Amazon Jungle, Lake Titicaca, Colca Canyon

This is how it works:

  • You can start on any date, depending availability
  • We provide your rental motorcycle
  • Your private tour is arranged and we make all the necessary reservations for airport transfers, hotels, excursions, etc.
  • You ride at your own pace and you must be able to handle small technical problems, like a flat tyre
  • You have as much freedom as possible, but there is no flexibility in the itinerary
  • We provide you with a detailed road book and a GPS with relevant waypoints
  • Before the tour you will be extensively briefed by a experienced PeruMotors’ representative
  • You can rely on the backup of PeruMotors in case of problems
  • It works ! With our experience since 2004, we know what we are talking about. Guaranteed !