Motorcycle tours in Boliva

  • 16 jours - 25 octobre 2024
  • 3.750 km. / 2,330 mi.
  • Plus de 95% sur les routes pavées
  • De US$ 5 945,00 par coureur
  • Bolivie et Pérou :
    La Paz, Coroico, Potosí, Salar de Uyuni, Tiahuanco et Puma Punku, Lac Titicaca, Vallée sacrée des Incas, Machu Picchu, Cusco, Hautes Andes, Lignes de Nasca, Désert côtier, Arequipa
  • 14 jours - 15 juin 2024
  • 2.775 km. / 1,725 mi.
  • A propos de 70% sur les routes pavées
  • De US$ 5 580,00 par coureur
  • Bolivie :
    La Paz, Cochabamba, Coroico & Yungas, Altiplano, Salar de Uyuni, Potosi, Sucre

Voici comment cela fonctionne :

  • You ride your ‘own’ rental motorcycle as part of a guided motorcycle group with international participants from all over the world.
  • The group is leaded by a professional multi-language tour guide on a motorcycle, and a driver/mechanic in the support vehicle.
  • You ride at your own pace. It is not necessary to ride as a ‘wolf pack’.
  • You can have as much freedom as possible, but realize that this is a group tour.
  • There is no flexibility in the routes / itinerary.
  • Our tours are distinguished by their informal format.
  • Your tour guide brings you to well-known places, but also to roads and places ‘off the beaten track’.
  • These are all group tours and we appreciate that this kind of motorcycling might not be suitable for everyone.
  • The maximum group-size is 12 riders / motorcycles.
  • Ça marche ! Avec notre expérience depuis 2004, nous savons de quoi nous parlons. Garanties !